Fiber and Fabric

This podcast is about knitting, quilting, spinning, and whatever happens to grab my attention at the moment. This can include but not be limited to baking, cooking, candy making, crafting, and other sewing endeavors.

The Podcasts

Please excuse all the background noise while I tell you about several of the gorgeous patterns in my queue!

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While I discuss whether to tell the recipient of a crafted item just what goes into said item, please ignore Darth Daughter breathing in the background and psycho cat trying to claw through the door.

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I talk about how I keep my focus when there are so many fantastic patterns out there.  WARNING: The music at the end of the episode is a cynical, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek song with a little bit of mild cursing and some content that you may not want your child(ren) to hear.

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