Fiber and Fabric

This podcast is about knitting, quilting, spinning, and whatever happens to grab my attention at the moment. This can include but not be limited to baking, cooking, candy making, crafting, and other sewing endeavors.

The Podcasts

S7Ep64  I'm Baaa-aaack.  No, REALLY

After an unplanned and very long mental health break hiatus, I'm back!  And I'm hoping that you'll still have me.

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My knitting and sewing make me feel productive amidst the endless chore of housework.

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I talk about how my crafting, knitting in particular, keeps me sane.

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I talk about how awesome I find it to connect with, especially, other knitters.

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I solemnly swear to never record with a child in the room again due to the heavy mouth breathing of my Darth Baby.

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I talk about how sad it makes me when someone works super hard on a piece of knitting and their project photos don't even come close to showing you the awesomeness.

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There's lots of knitting content in this episode.  Shownotes at

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I am SO SORRY about the sound on this episode.  I swear that the mic was not in my mouth.

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Despite my voice not being 100%, I talk about what I get out of crafting (besides the obvious finished projects)

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I talk about my very amateurish efforts at dyeing

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